Aston Martin and Mercedes to provide safety cars for F1 2021 - Team

The 2021 season of the Formula 1 world championship will have Safety and Medical cars from two different manufacturers - Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin.Aston Martin will provide the Vantage as the Safety Car and the DBX SUV as the Medical Car.... Read more.

Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software Market Report 2021: Market is Expected to Reach $292.97 Mn in 2027 - Ai in Pharmacovigilance Gaining Momentum

/PRNewswire/ -- The "Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software Market Forecast to 2027 - COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Software Type; Delivery Mode;...... Read more.

BMW M presents new safety car fleet and safety bike for MotoGP

German auto maker BMW M has been the ‘Official Car of MotoGP’ since 1999. This year will mark the first time that BMW M GmbH is presenting three new safety cars and a... Read more.

State College sticking to their COVID - 19 safety plan after CDC releases new recommendations - WTAJ

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — The CDC issued new guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine but we’re told State College Borough is sticking to its own plan. New recommendations from the CDC are allowing those fully vaccinated to gather in small groups. But the State College Borough is recommending […]... Read more.

Meeting held to discuss safety of road joining two villages

Meeting held to discuss safety of road joining two villages - In Your Area... Read more.

Two years after safety audit, Department of Roads plans to construct 'flyover' at Gwarko

Transportation and traffic engineers say unless pedestrians and cyclists are safe, flyovers won’t reduce road accidents.... Read more.


Covid UAE: 8 Dubai firms fined for violating safety rules

However, no establishment was closed on Monday for violating the regulations.... Read more.

County seeks to improve coordination of public safety power shutoffs

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is looking for ways to reduce the disruptions caused by public safety power shutoffs on local communities.... Read more.

Maritime NZ Encourages On - water Safety As America's Cup Resumes

Maritime NZ is reminding boaties and spectators how to be safe as America’s Cup racing kicks off tomorrow. Neil Rowarth, Northern Compliance Manager said his team has already interacted with over 1,000 boaties and operators providing safety advice ...... Read more.

Children back at school with safety measures in place

PARENTS waved goodbye to their children at the school gates again as pupils waved goodbye to remote learning.... Read more.

Avast sells Family Safety Mobile unit to Smith Micro for USD66 million

(Alliance News) - Avast PLC on Tuesday said it has agreed to sell its Family Safety Mobile ...... Read more.

COVID - 19 adds a new layer to employee safety

Employee safety in a wholesale bakery or snack manufacturing facility typically refers to protecting workers from such risks as those posed by automated equipment or falls on the production room floor. Last year brought an entirely new dimension to employee safety — protecting employees from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Providing employees with a safe work environment also was critically necessary to keep businesses running and customers adequately supplied during a pandemic that had much of the United States under stay-at-home orders at various times. “As companies . . .... Read more.


The best financial advice for fleet managers involves safety and security

Vehicle tracking and driving style are just two business "wins" for today's advanced telemetry options. Learn more with Verizon Connect.... Read more.

Safety Board Says Phase 2 Temelimab Trial Should Move Forward

A safety board had recommended that a Phase 2a trial evaluating temelimab for relapsing MS should continue as planned, without modifications.... Read more.

No leaseholder should pay for interim fire safety measures

Leaseholders did not cause the cladding scandal, and yet they are paying the price while those responsible are not pursued in any meaningful way.... Read more.

GACVS COVID - 19 Vaccine Safety subcommittee meeting to review reports on influenza - like illness in individuals vaccinated with COVID - 19 vaccines

The GACVS COVID-19 Subcommittee met virtually on Thursday, 25 February 2021, to review available information and data on reports of influenza-like illness in health-care workers who had received COVID-19 vaccines [1]. These symptoms have been reported in several countries. The Subcommittee reviewed clinical trial data and a summary of reports of influenza-like illness following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines in the WHO global Individual Case Safety Reports database (VigiBase).  The Subcommittee noted that similar symptoms of influenza-like illness had also been reported in the first few days following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials. These included headache, fatigue, muscle aches, feverishness and chills. Most symptoms were mild to moderate and resolved within a few days. These expected side effects from vaccination were more common in younger vaccine recipients (under the age of 55 years) compared with older people.Based on a careful scientific review of the information made available, the Subcommittee came to the following conclusions:Symptoms of an influenza-like illness may be expected as immune responses following vaccinations in general. The current reports with the COVID-19 vaccines are consistent with the expected side-effect profile of these vaccines, all of which were well tolerated.In view of this, the committee considers that the benefit-risk balance of the COVID-19 vaccines (for which reports of the influenza-like reactions are available to date) remains favourable and does not suggest any revision, at present, to the recommendations around the safety of these vaccines.The committee recommends that people who are vaccinated be informed, prior to vaccination, of the potential for influenza-like symptoms to occur after receipt of COVID-19 vaccines. Such symptoms should be managed accordingly, with medical advice sought if required. The occurrence of transient symptoms such as headache, fever and muscle aches after a first dose of these vaccines should not prevent administration of the second dose. The potential for short-term adverse events following vaccination should be considered when planning the timing of vaccination for healthcare teams or other workers covering a specific service area. All countries should continue to monitor the safety of vaccines and promote routine after-care following immunization, consistent with good immunization practices for any vaccine. The committee recommends that data on suspected adverse events should be collected and reviewed continuously – nationally, regionally, and globally – as the COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out, world-wide, in order to ensure their continuing positive benefit risk balance.   The GACVS subcommittee will continue to review the safety data from all COVID-19 vaccines and update any advice as necessary.The WHO COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance manual provides guidance to countries on the safety monitoring and adverse events data sharing for the new COVID-19 vaccines, and can be accessed here. [1] At the time of this review, the WHO global Individual Case Safety Reports database, Vigibase, included reports of influenza-like illness following vaccinations with NRVV Ad (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) (AZ), Tozinameran (Pfizer), mRNA 1273 (Moderna), COVID-19 vaccine inact (Vero) CZ02 (Sinovac) vaccines. WHO will continue to monitor for potential reports of similar events following other COVID-19 vaccines. ... Read more.

Food and safety solutions gain spotlight amid Covid - 19

Food and safety solutions gain spotlight amid Covid - 19... Read more.

Srinagar Police starts women safety drive

Srinagar Police starts women safety drive Greater Kashmir | On the occasion of International Women’s Day, SSP Srinagar Dr M. Haseeb Mughal started a women safety drive. He was accompanied by SP East Zone City... Read more.


Aston Martin?s Vantage Safety Car And DBX Medical Car Add British Racing Green For The 2021 F1 Season

Aston Martin has specially engineered the Vantage and DBX to make them worthy of Formula One safety standards... Read more.

Amazon National Safety Week Quiz Answers: Check out the answers to all questions here

Amazon National Safety Week Quiz is live and the people are scrambling for answers to this quiz. Check out the National Safety Week Quiz Answers here.... Read more.

Good news for iPhone users, Apple to soon launch new safety feature

Good news for iPhone users, Apple to soon launch THIS new feature - This software will be smart enough to detect any tracking device that has been either slipped into a user's bag or even stuck to the car.... Read more.