CPD's Child Safety Fair to return after three years

The Conway Police Department’s (CPD) Child Safety Fair is returning on Saturday, per a statement issued to the Log Cabin by department spokesman Lacey Kanipe on Thursday.... Read more.

Over 400,000 Bottles of Medication Sold Across US Recalled Over Safety Issue

More than 400,000 bottles of over-the-counter pain medication sold across the United States have been recalled because the ...... Read more.

Private firm providing security boosts safety in all Nicosia courts - in

X-ray machines boosting safety in Nicosia courts – both district as well as the Supreme one - are in operation as of Thursday by a private firm providing security.This is what Philenews reports, adding that the X-ray machine along with metal detection arches were installed inside a prefabricated bui... Read more.

Need Safety in Your Portfolio? Follow Warren Buffett Into These 3 Stocks

The Oracle of Omaha can serve as a guiding light during tough stock market conditions.... Read more.

Details on new tech system that takes pilot, passenger, and airline safety to new heights in Abu Dhabi

Details on new tech system that takes pilot, passenger, and airline safety to new heights in Abu Dhabi... Read more.

Election officials worry about their safety ahead of midterms

When US intelligence and national security officials gathered at a classified facility in April to speak with election officials around the country, there was no burning new intelligence to share about cyber threats to American democracy.... Read more.


Tesla accounted for most fatalities involving advanced driving systems, says US safety body report

A report by US safety authorities reveals Tesla vehicles were involved in 70 per cent of all accidents where advanced driver assistance systems were a factor. However, some have questioned the data.... Read more.


On 14 June, a new road safety initiative, aiming to reduce vehicle speeds around schools, was launched in Kitwe, Zambia by Mayor Mpansa Mwaya. This initiative is supported by the FIA Foundation, through its Child Health Initiative, as well as by the Zambia Road Safety Trust and FIA Member Club the Zambia Motor Sport Association.... Read more.

Safety is critical to sustainability and commercial success

Safety is critical to sustainability and commercial success... Read more.

Multiple Safety Violations Found At 30 Flying Training Organisations

Aviation regulator DGCA on Thursday said it has audited 30 out of total 32 flying training organisations (FTOs) in India since March 21 and found them violating multiple safety regulations.... Read more.

Greater consumer safety when shopping online and offline

Greater consumer safety when shopping online and offline - The European Sting... Read more.

6 IPS officers to check safety measure in Puri on Rath

At least six IPS officers visited Puri on Thursday to review the security arrangements for Rath Yatra, which is scheduled to be observed on July 1, w... Read more.


HexArmor partners with Titon Ideas on industrial safety helmet

A global industrial personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer partnered with an engineering company to produce a safety helmet suspension system.... Read more.

Watch: Traffic cop clears off gravel to ensure safety on busy road; earns praise

The location and date of the video is still unknown. Some people have pointed out that the location could be somewhere in Tamil Nadu on the basis of the writing on a school bus in the clip.... Read more.

Conveyor Components Company launches Ready Gate, Self - Closing Safety Gate

The Model RG (Ready Gate) is an adjustable self-closing safety gate that is available in two sizes, to protect 16-26 in or 24-40 in guardrail openings... Read more.

Covaxin shows robust safety, immunogenicity in 2 - 18 years: Bharat Biotech | Mint

Bharat Biotech had conducted phase II/III, open-label, and multicentre study to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity of Covaxin in healthy children and adolescents in 2-18 years of age group... Read more.

All in Ohio Agenda looks to transform education, voting rights, health, safety, and taxes

The organizers of the All in For Ohio Agenda share their vision for state policy they say would transform tax revenue, education, voting rights, economic dignity, community safety, and community health in Ohio.... Read more.

Gun - safety bill bogs down on details

Senate negotiators on Thursday failed to reach a final deal on the legislative text of a gun-safety proposal, which means the bill will probably be delayed at least a week.   Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters that negotiators hadn’t reached agreement on the final draft of the bill after several rounds of meetings Thursday.…... Read more.


Local class aims to educate children & parents about gun safety

A string of accidental shootings in metro Detroit, many involving kids and unsecured guns, is what prompted CPL instructors Spencer Johnson and Chad King to launch the Safe and Secure Project.... Read more.

Rivers in Stillwater Co. remain closed for safety concerns

Rivers in Stillwater Co. remain closed for safety concerns - NBC Montana... Read more.

Inside the contentious Trump - Biden appointee fight on the chemical safety board

The Trump-appointed head of the government’s chemical safety board is making her way to the exits amid high tensions with her colleagues, who were appointed by President Biden.   The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, commonly known as the Chemical Safety Board (CSB), has been battling over a rule governing board operations that was…... Read more.